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Welcome to business plan templates that are fully geared towards a specific business type. The business type has been thoroughly researched and relevant details are inserted wherever appropriate. The product mix has been entered (providing ideas about possible revenues), many paragraphs have been made targeted to the business type, market specific details have been entered if available, the personnel chart has been optimized, the SWOT has been started, and so forth. You can save yourself a lot of time starting with a professionally written business plan. Well worth the price tag of an average dinner.

A well-prepared business plan template provides you a way to complete your business plan faster, easier and professionally. Each business plan template could actually be worth millions!

Template Description Price    
Advertising agency Template for an advertising agency business plan $29.95 Buy
Automotive repair Template for an automotive repair business plan $29.95 Buy
Bakery Template for a bakery business plan $29.95 Buy
Bank Template for a bank business plan $29.95 Buy
Bar Template for a bar business plan $29.95 Buy
Barber shop Template for a barber shop business plan $29.95 Buy
Beauty salon Template for a beauty salon business plan $29.95 Buy
Bowling center Template for a bowling center business plan $29.95 Buy
Call center Template for a call center business plan $29.95 Buy
Car dealer Template for a car dealer business plan $29.95 Buy
Car rental Template for a car rental business plan


$39.90 Buy
Car wash Template for a car wash business plan $29.95
Casino Template for a casino business plan $29.95 Buy
Cleaning service Template for a cleaning service business plan $29.95 Buy
Clinic NPO Template for a NPO clinic business plan $29.95
Clothing store Template for a clothing store business plan $29.95 Buy
Coffee shop Template for a coffee shop business plan $29.95 Buy
Construction Template for a construction business plan $29.95 Buy
Consultant Template for a consultant business plan $29.95 Buy
Convenience store Template for a convenience store business plan $29.95
Day/Child care center Template for a day/child care center business plan $29.95 Buy
Debt collection agency Template for a debt collection agency business plan $29.95 Buy
Dental clinic Template for a dental clinic business plan $29.95 Buy
Dental clinic NPO Template for a NPO dental clinic business plan $29.95
Distributor Template for a distributor business plan $29.95 Buy
Easy Personnel Planner Excel Easy Personnel Planner workbook $39.90 Buy
Easy Project Costprice & GPM Calculator Excel Project Costprice & GPM Calculator workbook $29.95 Buy
Easy Sensitivity analysis Excel Sensitivity Analysis workbook $29.95 Buy
Employment agency Template for an employment agency business plan $29.95
Farm Template for a farm business plan $29.95 Buy
Fitness center Template for a fitness center business plan $29.95 Buy
Flower shop Template for a flower shop business plan $29.95 Buy
Garden center Template for a garden center business plan $29.95 Buy
Health spa Template for a health spa business plan $29.95 Buy
Insurance agent Template for an insurance agent business plan $29.95 Buy
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Template for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business plan $29.95 Buy
Investor pitch PowerPoint investor pitch template ~25 slides $39.90 Buy
Jewelry shop Template for a jewelry shop business plan $29.95 Buy
Laboratory Template for a laboratory business plan $29.95
Lease company Template for a lease company business plan $29.95 Buy
Manufacturer Template for a manufacturer business plan $29.95 Buy
Medical clinic Template for a medical clinic business plan $29.95 Buy
Non profit Template for a non profit business plan $29.95 Buy
Pharmacy Template for a pharmacy business plan $29.95 Buy
Photo studio Template for a photo studio business plan $29.95 Buy
Pizza delivery Template for a pizza delivery business plan $29.95 Buy
Real estate agent Template for a real estate agent business plan $29.95
Record company Template for a record company business plan $29.95
Restaurant Template for a restaurant business plan $29.95 Buy
Retail store Template for a retail store business plan $29.95 Buy
School Template for a for profit school business plan


$39.90 Buy
School NPO Template for a NPO school business plan


$39.90 Buy
Services Template for a services business plan $29.95
Supermarket Template for a supermarket business plan $29.95 Buy
Travel agency Template for a travel agency business plan $29.95
Veterinary clinic Template for a veterinary clinic business plan $29.95



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